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Ditta Illuminata


A collection of articles featuring the journeys of Ditta Sandico in her fashion career. 


Ditta Illuminata

Ditta Sandico Channel

Following the success of the signature line Star Gazing Ditta, visionary wrap artiste Ditta Sandico will unveil her new masterpiece at the upcoming collaboration show at Shangri-La at the Fort.

Ditta Illuminata is inspired by the illumination of light in a very dark setting.  Stunning designs in contemporary Filipiniana dominated by black and white is the vision of the new artisan creation.

Ditta Sandico not only reinvented the Filipianana through her world renown Ditta Wraps, she made use of sustainable and indigenous banaca fabric in all her creations. This was made possible through her childhood immersion to the mountains of Bulalacao in Oriental Mindoro where the indigenous Hanunuo Mangyan weavers lived. Since then Ditta Sandico was inspired to gain deeper knowledge of the art of weaving.

Ditta believes in the responsible use of raw materials for all her creations, transforming the use of abaca fibers into eco-textile. These raw abaca fibers are the driving force behind the signature banaca fabric that illuminates elegance in every Ditta Wrap. 

Ditta Illuminata will be unveiled on November 8, 2018 at the fashion show, “Illuminata”: a historical collaboration of luxe jewelry brand Hoseki, fashion visionary Ditta Sandico, and Neo-genre master Dominic Rubio that will be held at Shangri-La at the Fort.

The event is presented by Art+, in celebration of their 10th year chronicling the Philippine art landscape. The show will be directed by Marex Gaba.