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Ditta Sandico Wins Global Inspiring Women Worldwide Award 2016


A collection of articles featuring the journeys of Ditta Sandico in her fashion career. 


Ditta Sandico Wins Global Inspiring Women Worldwide Award 2016

Ditta Sandico Channel

Ditta Sandico Wins Global Inspiring Women Worldwide Award 2016
By: Melo Albert

Internationally acclaimed Filipina designer Ditta Sandico yet again brings pride to our country as she wins the prestigious Global Inspiring Women Worldwide Award in Rome. Ditta Sandico is recognized for her outstanding contributions to the fashion industry and moreover, for her aspirations of empowering women across the globe.

Every year, the selection of awardees is decided by an association named WIN – Women’s International Networking – basing it on the candidates’ capability to embody femininity, authenticity and global perspective in their respective careers. This year, the award-giving body chooses to recognize three competitive ladies: two of which who excel in the consultancy and entrepreneurial fields and the last being our very own Ditta Sandico for her clothing line which combines sustainability for the environment and for the local community while being extremely feminine and playful in fashion.

Ditta Sandico is known for mixing typologies of indigenous fabrics and infusing them in her masterpieces. The versatile designer has in recent years been developing fabrics that are identifiably Filipino. Among these are Piña-lino, Banaca, Abel-iloco, Banana rayon, the Mangyan Habol and currently fresh from her cooking lab the Seda-lino, which she incorporates in her collections. But what makes the designer recognizable is her modest aim of creating sustainable livelihood projects for women which in fact has contributed greatly in the socio-economic status of a fishing village in Catanduanes.

The winners have received a crystal star-shaped trophy from Swarovski, as witnessed by more than 700 delegates from different parts of the world.